The Art of Self-Leadership

Self Leadership

Self-leadership is the art of leading yourself – internally and externally – towards growth, goals and positive action. In a nutshell, it’s about taking full responsibility for your own development; after all, there’s no saviour coming to take charge of your life and set you on your highest path. Self-leadership is all about taking the […]

The power of reframing

The Power of Reframing

One of the most powerful tools in our life resiliency and healing toolkit can be our ability to reframe. Reframing is about changing our perspective. It involves looking at a situation (be it past, present or future) through a different lens; seeing things anew and gaining a fresh perspective. An example might be acknowledging that […]

Choosing uncertainty

Choosing uncertainty

Are you sitting comfortably? How comfortably? I ask because this week’s blog is around choosing uncertainty; that space of ‘not knowing’ that we step into when we dare to do things differently. When we dare to dream; try new things; make changes; take on new challenges; say yes to adventures. And when we take a […]

Hiding in plain sight: Addiction, avoidance, distraction and dwelling

Addiction, avoidance, distraction and dwelling

Self-awareness is the theme this month and where better place to start than our discomfort! So, what do addiction, avoidance, distraction and dwelling all have in common? Well, they can all be signs of coping mechanisms which attempt to distance ourselves from a source of pain or discomfort. Whether the effect is to numb, forget, […]

How to find (and keep) your mojo

We’ve all been there – mid-project / mid-fitness goal / mid-saving goal – and it seems as though any sense of motivation and inspiration that prompted us to begin has long since evaporated. Perhaps we’re at that tricky mid-point of a project, where the initial excitement has worn off and now we’re in the admin-heavy, […]

How about an education in you?

An education in You - Studio Think

Our capacity for learning is huge. We’re taught maths, sciences, languages. Some of us pick up an instrument or a visual art, or a sport. We’re taught to find our talents and hone our skills into a specialism, whether that’s through an apprenticeship or a college or university degree. And when we think about our […]

Why personal development is professional development

Why personal development is professional development

As an employer or HR manager, you expect your staff to be experts in their field, and to keep up with current thinking and best practice to support your business. You likely sign off with ease on short CPD courses, conferences and webinar trainings in areas that are business-critical. Particularly regarding compliance, marketing and sales. […]

Personal development; what’s all the fuss about?

Man with wide open arms on top of a hill with wide open views in front him.

You’ve probably seen the same question on job applications a hundred times over; that part where they ask you to list your professional development achievements. Whether it’s a short course, a mental health first aid training or a full-on professional accreditation, employers love to see that you have invested in your professional skills and development. […]

The science of gratitude (and effect on the brain)

When you think of gratitude and the science behind it, what springs to mind? Perhaps you think of people, teachers or experiences you’re grateful for. Maybe you think of the life lessons your parents taught you – to be thankful for the things you have, when so many go without. Few people spend too much […]

Fulfilment is a way of being, not a destination

“The journey itself is home” Matsuo Basho Do you have a goal you’re working towards? Or a daydream? Or a vision of a preferred future? And is your motivation in this vision one of fulfilment? Of ‘if only I can achieve that promotion, or that earning goal, or that house by the ocean, then I’ll […]