Why personal development is professional development

Why personal development is professional development

As an employer or HR manager, you expect your staff to be experts in their field, and to keep up with current thinking and best practice to support your business. You likely sign off with ease on short CPD courses, conferences and webinar trainings in areas that are business-critical. Particularly regarding compliance, marketing and sales.

But what about another area that is just as business-critical? An area that determines your organisation’s culture, resilience and capacity for change? What about your workforce’s personal development? Or as we like to call it – self-leadership?

What are you doing to support your people’s development as…. people?

Want to improve the quality of your business outcomes? Then invest in the thinking behind them.

A psychologically nurturing workplace

There’s lots of talk at the moment regarding psychologically safe workplaces; workplaces where employees feel safe to voice their mental health situations, their questions, concerns and to discuss challenges and mistakes.

We here at Studio Think believe this is important, but we’d like to take that concept one step further; from psychologically safe to psychologically nurturing workplaces.

To provide a safe environment is one thing, but to provide a safe environment and cultivate your employee’s mental growth is quite another. What if – rather than just creating a safe space – you helped to nurture your staff’s mindset, resilience and emotional intelligence?

Invest in your employee’s thinking

Our mantra here at Studio Think is ‘change your mind to change your life’. Every single action we take can be traced back to a single thought. So, it stands to reason that if we want to improve the quality of our outcomes, then we must improve the quality of our thoughts.

Want to improve the quality of your business outcomes? Then invest in the thinking behind them.

Invest in your employee’s mental growth and you will find a team who are:

  • More aware of their go-to thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • More emotionally-intelligent
  • More mindful of their communication style and how their words impact others
  • More aware of others feelings and better able to navigate difficult scenarios, relationships and conversations
  • More resilient to change
  • More accepting of failure and able to find the learnings
  • More positive in the face of adversity
  • Better able to pivot, finding solutions faster
  • Growth-mindset oriented; willing to see opportunities and undeterred by current limitations
  • More willing to step outside their comfort zone and take calculated risks
  • Better able to manage their workloads
  • Healthier, happier and more value-aligned

In short, if you invest in your employee’s mental growth, you are supporting them to respond better in every moment of their workday and personal life, whether that’s in response to:

  • An emergency
  • A tense social situation
  • An unexpected setback in a project
  • Conflicting priorities
  • An ambitious deadline
  • An angry client
  • Challenging team dynamics
  • Taking accountability for a mis-step or mistake

When your employees know themselves, they know how to play to their talents and develop their weaknesses. They know how to bounce back from setbacks bigger, stronger and faster. And they know the true meaning of self-leadership.

Invest in your employee’s personal development and you’ll see the benefits in every area. Because personal growth = business growth.

How Studio Think can help

The Studio Think app acts like a personal mindset coach in your employees pockets. Our short Mindset Courses, Mindset Tools and Guided Practices develop staff resilience, awareness, motivation and communication to make them better at both life and work.

We’d love to have an informal chat over a coffee about how we can help support your staff to be more inspired, resilient and productive. In only 15 minutes a day!