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Welcome to Studio Think: a self-development app that helps people and businesses grow.

Because you care about your people.

As every good business knows, looking after your people’s wellbeing is non-negotiable. That’s why the smartest managers focus on helping their people grow. And that’s why we’ve created Studio Think: the app that lets you do that for all of your employees at once. It’s a powerful toolkit developed by Mindset Training experts that makes self-development a habit as easy as morning coffee. Giving your team the power and motivation to grow happier, more confident, self-aware, ambitious and fulfilled — all in less than 15 minutes a day.


Because you care about your business.

What’s good for your people is good for your business. Personal and professional growth are inseparable, and by now we know that organisations that invest in their people’s self-development get richly rewarded. From retention to productivity and profitability, helping your employees grow as people will grow your business, too. Studio Think is a brand new approach to employee wellbeing: unlike platforms that help people cope, sleep better or be more mindful, our app helps them actively improve in various areas of life. Growing better while growing your business.

Find out what Studio Think can do for you.

Growth made easy

Studio Think is a treasure trove of ‘aha’ moments and actionable advice at your fingertips, all delivered by an ever-growing collective of experts and top-notch coaching practitioners.

Here are some of the things that make is such an easy choice:

Coach your whole company

A tool for individual self-development delivered remotely and at a scale to the whole business.

Everyone grows at their own pace

Users have control to work on what they want – all for less than 15 minutes a day.

3. Covers the most in-demand areas of personal growth

From Success to Resilience and from Self-Empowerment to Happiness, all in bite-size courses.

4. Knowledge into action

Not just courses but a complete toolkit including self-coaching, breath work practices, guided meditations and affirmation mixes.

Builds a habit of growth

The app uses gamification and other methods of sparking and continuing users’ interest in self-development.

"Studio Think blew my mind."

It has so many amazing angles and tools to help you improve yourself in any area of self-development with an intuitive and easy to follow design.

Marie M.


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A monthly summary of the app downloads and usage by the company. General app statistics from our in-app bi-weekly questionnaire that tracks a user’s Mindset progress.

We have gamified Studio Think. We track daily app usage, reward daily user streaks and celebrate their personal growth. We also send strategically timed emails to help us engage users through recommendations and encouragement.

We’ll get you started with an introductory marketing pack. Inside you’ll find a set of strategies for engaging your employees, a selection of branded banners, adverts and images for use in-house, and a bundle of emails about the app that you can personalise and send out to your team.

Monthly emails from us touching base with you. A newsletter with the latest updates on the app, new features, courses, etc. — alongside usable marketing material to support you. Plus we will support all of your employees on an individual level through our in-app customer service.

Our offer to you

Investing in the personal development of your employees is one of the smartest things an organisation can do. We would love to show you what a difference Studio Think can make by giving your people all the tools and resources they need for success, both personal and professional. 

Available on both iOS and Android.


£ 34
Per year, per employee
  • 30% off consumer annual rate
  • That’s just £3 a month per employee
  • Admin and licence fees apply
  • Bulk order discounts available

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