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Listen to the bite-sized audios to understand your current mindset and how to change it for the better.

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Pick your studio

Choose an area of personal development you want to focus on.

Listen to the courses

Listen to the bite-sized audios to understand your current mindset and how to change it for the better.

Practice what you've learnt

Start putting your new knowledge into action by using the tools in your chosen Studio.

Level up

Once you’ve mastered the Studio, choose your next one and keep growing!

Our Studios

Our bite-size, 6 day courses cover the most in demand areas of personal growth.

success studio icon

Success means different things to us all — but whatever your idea of a successful life is, you’re in the right place. From here on out, the only way is up!

Our courses include:
Unlock your success mindset
Strengthen your inner resilience
Advance your career
6 Self-Belief Master Steps
Achieve through inspired goal setting

self studio

Your greatest ally in life is the one in the mirror. So, are you on good terms with… you? You will be, after visiting this Studio.

Our courses include:
Raise your Self-Awareness
Step into your Confidence
Empower yourself
You have control
Harness the Power of Self-Compassion
6 Self-belief master steps Start your self-love journey

What you can believe, you can achieve: that’s the simple idea behind the practice of manifestation. It’s not magic, but it does work wonders.

Our courses include:
Manifest your dreams
GROW your finances
Achieve through inspired goal setting

Your happiness is within close reach. It really couldn’t be any closer. Because happiness is an inside job — and this studio gives you all the tools for it.

Our courses include:
Keep happiness in your life
Mind calm
Think yourself positive

All the tools for a better you

Each Studio has all the resources you need to build your dream life, in a format that fits into your real life.

Mindset Courses

If knowledge is power, then these courses are the equivalent of having a personal 2-gigawatt power station whose sole purpose is to help you grow better, stronger and happier.

Mindset Tools

From journaling to visualisation and from instant pick-me-ups to reprogramming your subconscious, our toolkit is loaded with everything you need to make personal growth an easy habit.


Affirmation Mixes

Affirmations are a great way to turn positive thinking into second nature. Like with any new habit, it’s all about repetition: so go ahead and help your subconscious by listening to our mixes again and again (and again).

Guided Meditations

Imagine if there was a way to reprogram your mind into a healthier and happier one… Oh wait, there already is, and you’re looking at it. Guided meditation can work wonders by altering your thinking patterns, feelings and behaviours for the better.

Breathwork Studios

More and more people are discovering the ancient practice of breathwork, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a bit of a superpower: an amazingly simple but effective tool that lets you tap into your basic biology, gaining control over your body and mind.

Self-coaching Programmes

Is it possible to coach yourself? Absolutely. You just need some guidance and a plan — which is exactly what our self-coaching programmes give you. We’re here, to help you help yourself, literally.

Grow with the Pros

Everything you’ll see on the app was developed by top-notch mindset coaches, thought leaders and experts in their field.

Sandy Newbigging

Author, Therapist & Tutor

Sandy C. Newbigging is a bestselling author, meditation teacher, award-winning academy tutor, and creator of the transformational Mind Detox and Mind Calm techniques. For over 18 years, he’s researched, developed and taught techniques to detox the mind, ‘heal the hidden cause’ of physical, emotional and life issues, and live with more calm, clarity, connection and purpose. His books are translated into multiple languages, and his work has been shown on several television series internationally.

Emma Mumford

Life Coach & Author

Emma Mumford is the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert. She is an award-winning life coach and mentor, Law of Attraction YouTuber, speaker, 2x bestselling author of Positively Wealthy and Spiritual Queen, and the host of the popular ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’. Emma’s work helps people turn their dream life into reality using the Law of Attraction and spirituality. Over the last 8 years her work has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world manifest their dreams.

Vernon Brown

Keynote speaker, Life & Happiness Coach

Vernon Brown is a keynote speaker, certified life coach, and one of the top Happiness coaches in America. Having gone from being a cover model to personal trainer and now CEO, Vernon uses his drive, intuition and over 15 years of experience to find a customised regimen for each of his clients across the nation, showing entrepreneurs how to leverage happiness to become more successful, strategic, and influential both personally and professionally.

David Hulman

Certified Life & Career Coach

David Hulman is the founder of Self-Belief Chief, an author, and a certified Life and Career Coach. His clients have ranged from Olympic athletes to business owners, as well as individuals at companies including Google, Tesco and Sony. David has built a reputation of helping people change their life by building confidence to grow in every area, be it relationships, career, or health.

Nicola Findlay

CBT Confidence Coach

Nicola Findlay is a CBT Coach and author. She has worked in the corporate learning and development space for over a decade, coaching amazing teams and individuals to live their own versions of success. Her passion is empowering people using both CBT and broader skills to reduce anxiety, eliminate fear, and boost confidence. She is thrilled to be here on the Studio Think App to share some powerful and unique courses with you.

Sandra Stocks

Authenticity & Mindset Life Coach Trainer and Author

Sandra is a Life Coach Trainer and best-selling author whose passion is to help people live an authentic and fully realised life. Her own wake-up call that led to this happened over 25 years ago after experiencing personal trauma. She subsequently received her Distinction in Personal Performance Coaching and also qualified as an NLP Practitioner. She co-wrote the #1 bestselling book ‘16 Seconds: Debunking The Myths Surrounding Manifestation.’ She also co-hosts the podcast, ‘Living A Hell Yes!’ and is a sought-after speaker.

Pam Lidford

Confidence Coach, Trainer & Author

Pam has worked as a holistic and confidence coach in the personal development industry since 2004 and has clients from around the world. She is also a professional speaker, trainer, and ex- adult teacher, and has a passion for helping people live up to their potential by becoming aware of their strengths, challenging their limiting beliefs, and stepping into their confident selves.

Dr. Steven Hickman

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Steven Hickman is the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Compassion Coalition and Author of the book ‘Self-Compassion for Dummies’. He is a Clinical Psychologist and Retired Associate Clinical Professor in the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine, as well as the Founding Director of the UC San Diego Centre for Mindfulness. He is also a certified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). He is married and has three young adult children, affording him ample opportunity to practice what he teaches!

Tiffany Burns

Money and Mindset Coach

Tiffany is a Money and Mindset Coach, wife, and mother of three from the US. After growing up in a home where money management wasn’t taught, which led to financial difficulty, Tiffany became a professionally certified Financial Coach and Mindset Coach to empower others to change their relationship with money. Tiffany created The Lotus Legacy to help others reframe their money mindset and implement personalised strategies to improve their financial wellness and redefine their lives, helping people enjoy more of their money now while creating legacies for their families and communities.

Gray Minnaar

Breathwork Coach

Gray Minnaar is your own personal breathwork guide here at Studio Think. He is a dedicated Breathwork Practitioner, scuba instructor, freediver, outdoorsman and nature lover. Gray has spent most of his adult life seeking a deep understanding of mindfulness and self-mastery skills. He has found Breathwork to be a very powerful, easy and practical tool for supporting our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. When you understand the profound connection between the way you breathe and your mind-body physiology, you will appreciate that the way you breathe is the essential foundation of how you feel, think and act.

Nat Rich

Speaker & Coach

Natalie Rich is a speaker, Personal Responsibility Coach, and founder of the fantastic I AM SOUND TV & Radio. Over the years she has made more mistakes than she can remember, but has managed to turn them into fun and engaging stories for herself. She learnt to face up to her inner traumas instead of avoiding them and to own the guilt, embarrassment and awkwardness that came with them. This journey began Nat’s relationship with meditation and sound, and her desire to help others.

Kamini Wood

Professional Coach

Kamini Wood, a certified professional Coach, helps people take the courageous steps needed to identify their limiting beliefs, the reasons for their stagnation or feelings of ‘not-enoughness’, so they can have what they want professionally and personally to live a fulfilled life. She is also the creator of AuthenticMe® and CEO of Live Joy Your Way, a coaching company helping individuals shake free of their fears, unhelpful mindsets and behaviours in order to have healthy relationships and move forward on the professional path they choose.

Katie Leask

Mindset Coach, Airline Pilot & Co-founder of Studio Think

Katie Leask is one of the Co-founders of this app, a certified NLP Practitioner, Mindset Coach, Airline Pilot, and Human Factors Trainer. Katie’s passion is everything positive thinking and personal growth. Practising a positive mindset has been the cornerstone of her life for many years, coming into its own after losing a partner to cancer. She puts the credit for her happiness, marriage, motherhood and success on putting this awareness into action — and co-creating Studio Think is her way of helping others do the same.

Paul O’Sullivan

Airline Captain, Mindset Coach & Co-founder of Studio Think

Paul O’Sullivan is an NLP Practitioner, Mindset Coach, Airline Captain, and one of co-founders of Studio Think. Paul’s focus on Mindset Coaching was inspired by his personal experience: having faced challenges, change and uncertainty many times throughout his life, he developed a resilient, growth-oriented and positive mindset. Passionate about helping others do the same, Paul has dedicated his life to spreading this message. It is this message, shared with his wife Katie Leask, that has led him to today: developing and launching the Studio Think app as well as running some of the courses you will hear.

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