Discover How to Start Guided Meditation

Meditating has even more benefits than you might expect! Today’s modern stresses and strains mean mind, body and soul need more care and attention than ever before. Guided meditation can answer all these needs and even more besides! As the stress mounts, your breathing becomes strained, and the anxiety builds. You know it’s time to put yourself into the […]

The key to happiness – it’s all about you

Don’t we all want to feel better? Happy even? According to Google, some 15,000 of us type “how to be happy” into the search bar every month! Living life can be a challenge. Day in, day out, so much is expected of us in work, in relationships, with friends and family. We can feel that our […]

What’s stopping you from setting goals?

When it comes to making decisions in your life, how do you go about it? Are you the sort of person who has a precise action plan? Perhaps you’re the sort of smart reader who researches a ton of articles and then makes a decision. On the other hand maybe you haven’t got time for […]

How to switch off negative thinking and improve your health

You’re an amazing and unique individual. We’re not guessing, we know this is true. Why? Because there’s no one like you walking this planet. You’re the unique product of your environment, your upbringing, your culture, your language and your experience. That’s why. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to remember, much less celebrate this fact. […]

Five ways COVID-19 changed how you think

Think back to where you were all those months ago. Perhaps you told yourself lockdown would just be for a few weeks, two months tops. You’d get back to business and everything would be OK. You might have felt a sense of rising panic as the shops closed. But the question is, what else was […]