Choosing uncertainty

Choosing uncertainty

Are you sitting comfortably? How comfortably?

I ask because this week’s blog is around choosing uncertainty; that space of ‘not knowing’ that we step into when we dare to do things differently. When we dare to dream; try new things; make changes; take on new challenges; say yes to adventures. And when we take a leap of faith.

Perhaps it’s launching a new business, dropping an old habit, choosing to move abroad or even saying ‘yes’ to starting a family.

All of these new life phases require us to try our hand at new things. And so, as we tentatively step out into that space of unknowns, we do so without the luxury of experience, without the cosiness of familiarity, and without the support of prior learnings.

But stepping out into that space of uncertainty is an absolute prerequisite of growth. Nothing changes if we don’t change.

To move towards what we want – and what we feel will nourish us – we must step away from where we currently are.

Yet many of us will choose to stay put. To stay exactly where we are; within the cosy, predictable confines of our comfort zone. Even if that comfort zone keeps us underwhelmed, undernourished and unhappy.

Why? Because uncertainty is scary.

And it’s scary because moving into new challenges requires getting uncomfortable.

When you try something new, everything feels new. There’s so much you don’t know and getting up-to-speed takes time. As you try new things, you feel vulnerable, and you’re forced to be honest about where your shortcomings lie.

You’re also likely to come face-to-face with your fear of failure as you get to grips with new skills and make a few (inevitable) rooky errors along the way.

And as you tread this new path, navigating challenges, stumbles and falls, you’re also keenly aware that your outcome isn’t guaranteed. All of this effort and challenge, and you’re not even sure it will work out!

See what I mean about uncomfortable?!

But think back to your biggest achievement to date. I’ll bet that whatever it is, it pushed you in some way. Whether it tested your resilience, your relationships, or your resolve, you likely grew a heck of a lot more in moving towards it than you did sat at home watching Netflix for the fourth night in a row.

You also likely made a fair few errors in pursuing it. I’m sure there are things you’d do differently next time.

But the point is this; despite the challenges, despite the things you’d do differently and despite the testing of your resilience… you still got there! You still achieved your goal.

We only have one life! When are you going to believe that your dream is YOUR dream? That you can take calculated risks in a supported way? That you can move into that scary space of uncertainty and come out the other end? That you can handle whatever comes your way? Even if it involves a smattering of falls and failures as you go?

Why stay still and unfulfilled? Uncertainty might be scary, but when your hopes and dreams lie on the other side of that space of not-knowing, surely it’s worth trying to find out?

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